Brandon Crites

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I started my DJ career at the young age of 16 in my friend’s basement with one turntable and a mixer. My first gig was my high school homecoming dance which lead me to DJing more school dances and some graduation parties. After that things took off, the next few years I was booked at different high school dances other than my own school, private parties, and eventually more graduation parties. After high school word got around and I got called to DJ at local night club in Steubenville OH called The Greenery. At just 19 I landed my first Saturday night residency there. That residency lasted for two years until a new sports bar called The Fan Club opened up down the street. I then had a Saturday night residency there as well as doing under 21 events for them. By the time I was 22 I had 2 club residencies under my belt.

Now it was time to start weddings, I booked over 10 my first year. From there everything took off in different directions. I held a Saturday residency at The Fan Club for the next five years, booked over 40 weddings, school dances, private parties and anything else I could. When I turned 29 I started traveling to Columbus OH for club gigs at Major Woodys. My next residency came at club 909 in Steubenville OH on Friday nights which lasted for over 4 years. This new residency freed up my Saturdays for more weddings and private parties. My residency at club 909 finally ended with the sale of the club which lead me to take a new Residency at Triple Play Cafe in Steubenville OH for the next 5 years. During that time I DJed Charlie Murdoch’s and Drum Bar in Pittsburgh. I now have a residency at the Hilltop Sports Bar in Follansbee WV and DJ weddings and corporate events for Pittsburgh Digital DJs.

As you can see from my extensive experience I have the ability to DJ any event. My favorite type of event to DJ is weddings because it gives me the opportunity to connect with my clients on a personal level and is always a fun challenge making every weekend a different adventure.