Corporate Events

Whether your group is a dancing crowd or the type that just wants to hang out and relax, we have you covered.

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  • Silver Lighting Package
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  • DJ/MC
  • Silver Lighting Package
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  • DJ/MC
  • Silver Lighting Package
  • Announcements

Lighting Upgrades

  • Gold Lighting – $1300 + base package price

    Gold lighting adds four moving heads totaling an extra 600 watts of light and intelligent light programming to the Silver Lighting package along with a full concert like truss set up that surrounds the DJ booth. All of the lighting is programmed specifically for your event. This means we can control how the lights react to music whether it be movement or color. This is best suited for crowds of 150 to 250 and creates a club like experience.

  • Platinum Lighting – $2400 + base package price

    Platinum lighting is our largest crowd facing rig. It replaces the mirror ball like effect with an actual mirror ball. It adds 3 black lights and another row of lights along with two washes to the Gold Lighting Package. This set up brings a true concert feel to any event by hoisting the truss system up to 18 feet in the air and is best suited for crowds of 200 plus. It can also be used to mount TVs for the multimedia packages.

  • Titanium X - Call for pricing

    The X is like no other in the city. In fact we dare you to find another company that offers this monstrous set up! Why do we call it the X? Because it stands OVER the dance floor in the shape of an X. It takes over double the amount of lights on the platinum package and puts them over the dance floor instead of in front of the floor. This will completely submerge your event and it's attendants under the lighting creating the perfect mix of a concert and club like feel. This set up combined with one of our premiere DJs will take your event to a level you never thought possible.

Package Enhancements

  • Atmospheric Up-lighting – $250 (2X Atmospheric Up-lighting - $500)

    Up-lighting is a great way to give your next event a classier feel. Lights are strategically placed around the venue to accent the otherwise hidden beauty that the room has to offer.

  • Multimedia Event – $300

    We supply the TV and you supply the pictures. This enhancement is great for those who want to show off pictures of past events throughout the night. With a 65″ LED TV on a 6-foot pedestal, this is a great addition for your wedding. Add a second TV for just $200 more.

  • VDJ – $500

    Video DJing is the newest wave of entertainment in the DJ world. Enhance your experience and surround yourself with videos of the music as it plays. Enjoy listening to the beats as they are flawlessly blended by our DJs or watch them as they transition from one video to the next with this visual enhancement. As if that weren’t enough, we also offer a photographer that will take your party’s pictures and place them on the big screen for you to watch with the videos.

  • Wireless Speaker System – $250

    Are you having your cocktail hour in a different room from your reception? That’s no problem for Pittsburgh Digital DJs. Just rent this system and we will provide the music in two rooms at one time.

  • Social Media Experience – $500

    Do you and your guests use Instagram or Twitter? Of course they do, which makes this package perfect for any event. This is our latest and greatest enhancement only found at Pittsburgh Digital DJs. With this package, you and your guests can be fully entertained and interactive during your entire event. Here’s how it works, your guests take a picture using Instagram or Twitter, tag their photo, and get it posted to a TV. If you book a photo booth with DigiBooths we can even add those photos to the slideshow! Book a second TV for just $200.

  • C02 Cannons – $700 for 1/$1000 for 2

    Take your lighting set up to the next level with this incredible upgrade. You can add 1 or 2 C02 cannons to get that true unprecedented Vegas club feel that you won't find anywhere else in Pittsburgh. Don't worry, it's not just limited to the Pittsburgh area, we can provide them in any location! This upgrade is only available for the Platinum package and up.

  • Lasers and Haze - $700 for 1/$1000 for 2

    Friggin lasers... That's right, lasers! But not just any lasers, these lasers are concert style lasers. When they aren't being rented out to our awesome corporate and school clients they're being used by the largest acts in the world! These lasters are the ones you see at the concerts with some of the biggest DJs in the game. They are so powerful we need to have a trained professional with a license to run them! Like our C02 Cannons these guys are only available for the Platinum package and higher and are only available in venues that will allow their use.