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Frequently Asked Questions About Our DJs

There’s no right or wrong time on when you should book your DJ but we advise all clients to book sooner than later. Some clients book as far out as 2 years but most book between 12 and 18 months. It’s best to book your venue first and then book you DJ.

Yes, all of our DJs are insured. We can provide the paperwork upon request, just ask!

This is our way of allowing you to hold a date with Pittsburgh Digital DJs without making a commitment. In order to take advantage of it you must sign a contract. The deposit isn’t due for 2 weeks from the signing of the contract. If someone else signs a no obligation contract with us during your 2 week period they get offered the next DJ or are put in a queue for the DJ they request if it is the same as yours. If someone wants to make a deposit before you are prepared we will contact you in order for you to make a decision whether or not you want to book with us.

Yes. The cost of a date change is the same as your deposit. If you need to change your date a new contract will be written up and a new deposit will be required. We will also need you to sign our date change agreement form that states you are no longer in need of our services on the previously planned date.

2 weeks prior to your event.

Yes we want to make sure your event is fun and we play exactly what you and your guests want to hear.

Yes. Every DJ has a back up sound system and cabling.

We accept all major credit cards, checks, or cash. Check and card payments can be processed online at your convenience.

We always have a DJ on back up just in case that were to happen. Fortunately, we have never run into that problem.

Yes. All events are put into a contract which can be signed online via our contract service Docusign.

Yes. There is an upcharge of $250.00 for regular events and $500.00 for weddings.

We reserve the date for you which in turn means we can’t book our DJs anywhere else. If you were to cancel your event our window of opportunity for booking is a lot smaller and our DJs lose a day of work.

We have music ranging from the 50′s up to top 40 and offer top 40, pop/dance, hip hop, classic rock, rock, country, classic country, funk, R&B, urban, and edm/trance.

Absolutely. Please bear in mind that all services are subject to availability.

Not only do we offer them we recommend them. We want to get to know you because we are going to be working with you up until the last minute of your wedding. There are no limitations on the number of meetings and we do our best to work with your schedule. If you can’t make the time for in person meetings or if you live out of the area we offer Skype meetings which are just as good and sometimes a lot easier.

It takes a lot of work for us to provide a great service. This means that no matter the day or time of year you can expect the same service and for that reason we do not at this time.

The wedding coordinator is in charge of keeping the lines of communication open between all of the vendors and making sure that we are all on the same page. We never want you to have to wait on us so our coordinator will communicate our timeline with your photographer, videographer, caterer, and any other vendors involved with making your day fun and successful. They also prepare all of the activities you select. For example, they make sure the photographer is ready for the cake cutting. Along with that they will make sure your cake table is ready with the plates, napkins, and cutter.

The Client Portal is something we use for wedding clients only. If you book with Pittsburgh Digital DJs you will find it to be one of your biggest resources. The forms that you will cover with us will be available to fill out on your portal. Along with that you will have access to your invoices, receipts, and any other information that pertains to your wedding.

Absolutely. When you choose your DJ you are welcomed to all of their contact information and will be given the opportunity to meet with them.

If they are DJs:
Do they mix live? We do!
Do their packages come with lighting? Every one of ours does!
Do they offer a coordinator with all packages? Every thing from Silver and up!
How many hours come with their services? Ours comes with 6 hours which is enough for any wedding.
Do they carry backup equipment? All of our DJs do.
Are they insured? Our DJs are all insured for all events.
If they are a photo booth vendor:
Is it the open style? Ours is!
How many people can they fit? Ours fits up to about 15.
Does their booth fit into tight spaces? Ours will fit just about anywhere.
Does their booth come with unlimited prints? Everyone gets a print when booking with us!
Do they offer digital downloads? Of course we do!
Do any packages come with a scrap book and idle hour? Our 5 hour booth comes standard with it!